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Autumn dog owners guide: 

Keeping your dog healthy this Fall  

As the leaves turn orange and start to fall, the days become chillier, summer seems to be a distant memory as the season starts to change. Autumn is a wonderful season to get outside and spend time with your dog. However, there are a number is potential risks that every dog owner should know and bear in mind. But what are they? 

Health and happiness of your furry friends is our top priority, so consider these precautions when caring your for dog this Autumn.      



1. Watch out for those pesky harvest mites

Harvest mites are tiny, orange mites that can appear on the feet, legs, and sometimes in the ears. They are responsible for intensely itchy, red, inflamed skin where they have been bitten. They congregate in large groups on small clods of earth, long grass, matted vegetation, and even on low bushes and plants. They can be persistent and can cause your dog untold misery, so it’s important to look out for them. Fortunately, treatment for harvest mites is relatively simple, so contact your vet if your dog develops any of the symptoms mentioned 


2. Take care of your dogs paws  

As fun as jumping into leaf piles may be to your furry friend, potentially harmful debris can lurk underneath. Piles of leaves can hide all kinds of hazards, from stones, to broken glass, dog poo, even hedgehogs, so be careful! These hazards can cut your dog’s paw pads, so it’s always a good idea to check your dog’s paws regularly.  

Wetter autumn weather often means damp paws. But damp paws are the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. If you notice your dog’s paws have a yeasty smell or they seem red and irritated, be sure to see a vet. 

Later in the season, salt used to de-ice the roads can irritate your dog’s paws. If you’ve been walking over road salt, be sure to wash your dog down afterwards. 


3. Be Allergy vigilant   

During the autumn, allergen levels can be especially high and can be a problem for dogs who suffer with environmental allergies. Allergic reactions will often show as skin rashes in dogs, which can lead to itching and infections. To minimize the effects, create a weekly bathing routine, or even every few days and use a gentle, natural shampoo. 


4. Mushrooms  

At this time of the year, we often see mushrooms spring from the ground. Don’t forget, mushrooms are highly toxic to dogs; so owners should always be on the lookout. Varieties such as the Death Cap, the Jewelled Death Cap, Autumn Gallerina and Fly Argaric can make your dog extremely sick if eaten. 

Whilst on your Autumn walks, It’s best to keep your dog away from all mushrooms if they tend to scavenge for food when out and about. 

 For more information on toxic foods for our pets, please check our other blog: Healthy and Unhealthy Food for Your Dogs. 

5. Halloween

Halloween is a fun night for children and adult alike but can, unfortunately, pose problems for pets. There are often unfamiliar people in unusual costumes knocking on the door, which could scare an anxious pet and they could even bolt for freedom (although during these recent times, we may not see as many trick or treaters this year!). Keep your dog safe and occupied with a toy or chew in another room during Halloween. 

If you like to get ahead of the game and find yourself stocking up on Halloween sweets, be careful to keep them out of reach of any nosy dogs. Decorations can also be a potential danger for dogs as they can also be consumed, so make sure to keep them out of their reach.  

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