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How to clip your dogs nails

Unless your dog runs around on hard surfaces that will help keep their nails short, most dogs will need their nails clipped. If you hear them clicking on a hard surface, then it’s a sign it’s time for a trim. Use either scissor or guillotine type clippers.
Hold the paw gently and inspect to see where the quick is. It is the pink part when it’s visible or the spongy part of the nail. If your dog has black nails the quick will be harder to see so just trim a little bit at a time. Try to ensure you don’t cut into the quick as this will cause bleeding. If the nail feels spongy when you’re trying to cut it, stop because you’ll be cutting into the quick. If you do catch the quick apply pressure with a clean cloth for a couple of minutes. Styptic Powder can be used to stop the bleeding. The illustrations will help to show where the quick is.
Don’t forget the dew claws if your dog has them. They tend to grow long because they don’t normally touch the ground. Left untouched they can grow back into your dogs’ foot causing discomfort and pain.
Give your dog a big hug and a treat after the clipping to show them how good they have been.

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