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Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog?

You have just returned from a very muddy walk. Your furry friend has had a splash-tastic time jumping in all the puddles they can find and are about to grace your house with the fragrant odour of fox or badger poo. Time for a bath – pronto! 

But there’s a problem – When you reach for the dog shampoo, its empty! You may wonder, do dogs really need their very own dog shampoo? Why can’t you just use human shampoo on your dog? The short answer is, don’t. Here are some reasons why:


1. It can affect their PH balance

This is the top reason why you shouldn’t use human shampoo’s to wash your dog. Dog’s skin is very sensitive, and the shampoo will affect the delicate pH balance which must be intact, or your dog’s skin can become dangerously dry. 

Dog shampoo is specially created to cater to the delicate needs of their skin. The shampoo has the right concentration of alkaline which helps ensure that the skin is hydrated at all times by retaining the moisture the skin needs.

2. They contain chemicals harmful to dogs

Human shampoo is way too harsh on a dog’s skin, due to containing chemicals and fragrances that make the skin dry and irritable. Human grooming products often contain a concoction of chemicals that are used to make human hair smell nice and shine, which isn’t good for dogs (it’s not always good for humans!). It might help them smell better short term, but over time it can slowly dry out their skin and hair.

3. It can weaken immunity

Since the shampoo is too acidic for the pet’s skin, it will make it susceptible to parasites, bacteria and more.

 The dropping the natural pH of a dog’s skin is stripping away its natural protection and weakens its immunity. This provides a perfect opportunity for bacteria and yeasts that live on the surface of the skin to grow out of control and cause skin infections. In short, human shampoo is too drying and abrasive and sets the dog up for skin infections.

At B.O.S Naturals, keeping your dog clean, happy and healthy is our top priority. We use the finest natural ingredients in our Dog grooming products to provide effective, safe skin/coat care for your pups.
Ditch the chemicals and try something different for your dog’s skin and coat care! 

All Natural. No chemicals. No artificial perfumes. Buy luscious smelling dog shampoo’s and sprays today! 

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