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Why Is My Dog So Hyper After A Bath?

So It’s that time of the week again – bath time. You have just bathed your dog, rinsed the shampoo suds away, dried them off with a towel, then it hits. A burst of energy that many dog owners affectionately call ‘The Zoomies’.  They speed through the house, often stopping to rub all over a bed, couch, blanket, etc. But the question is, why?

Why is my dog so hyper after bathtime? We’re no doggy psychologists, but we’ve been around enough canines to have a few ideas!

1. Hello? I’M WET!

This may be the simplest answer, but your dog may be trying extra methods to dry themselves off quicker by rubbing on furniture. To us, it may look like a burst of excitable energy, but it may be the equivalent to an extra towel down to dogs.

2. Thank goodness that’s over!

Most dogs are not the biggest fans of bath time, and even if they do, they’re ready to be free from tolerating a good scrub-down. Your dog may be so pleased to be free from bath time that he/she will release all their built-up energy in one burst of pure joy. What a relief!

3. There’s water in my ears!

Another reason they get a case of the zoomies is that they may be trying to get rid of water in their ears from the bath. If you notice your dog burying his/her head into the carpet or towels, this may be the case! This can easily be helped by gently patting a dry towel on the inside of the ears.

4. This doesn’t smell like me?

To us, your dog smelling of rose or baby powder is absolutely wonderful. But to your dog will do their level best to get rid of the new smell and return to their favourite musk—poop, dirt, grass, and doggie. As much as your pup may disagree, it’s ways better and healthier to smell of nicer scents!

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