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5 Simple Tips For Washing Your Dog In The Winter

It’s winter. And for those of us that have dogs and love them, it’s time to address one of the least favourite activities one must face in the winter: washing our pup.

Wintertime dog washing can be tricky, but highly important. Winter will not harm your dog, but the dirty dog smell sure will! If you neglect grooming your dog in the winter, his hair can become extremely tangled and matted, which can end up exposing your dog to more moisture. This can lead to skin irritation, and your groomer may have to clip your dog’s coat to a very short length due to being so matted.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you keep your doggy clean this winter:

1. Create a warm, toasty environment

Before you begin the bath, turn up the heat in your house by a degree or two. That way, your dog won’t get chilled after its bath. Be sure that the water used for your dog’s bath is nice and warm, as well. It’s also a good idea to check all the windows in the room are closed to prevent chilly air drafts.

2. Warm up the towels

It’s also a good idea to warm up some thick towels in your dryer before you bathe your dog. After the bath, let your pet shake excess water from their coat. Then, use the towels to absorb remaining water from their fur and body.

3. Don’t use human shampoo

It’s never a good idea to use human shampoo on your dog, in all seasons. Human shampoo is too acidic for dogs and can irritate their skin (which can cause more problems if they already have sensitive skin!). Moisturizing shampoos are best during the winter months, as this is a time when pets are more susceptible to dry, flaky skin. Our Lavender shampoo contains beneficial natural ingredients such as Coconut and Argan oil, which will help to condition the coat as well as moisturize the skin without causing irritation.

4. Wash your dog inside 

While using a hose outdoors might be an easy method to clean your dog during the summer, winter baths should be done indoors, preferably in a small room like the bathroom. It’s important to keep your dog warm, safe and comfortable, so bathing is outside in the cold temperatures will be too harsh on your dog’s fur, skin, and overall health.

5. Use the correct type of towel

When the washing is done and shampoo is rinsed, make sure to dry your dog with a towel specifically created for dogs. They are more lightweight and will be kinder to your dog’s fur by causing fewer tangles. If he’s still very wet, you can use a blow-dryer — on the lowest warm setting available — to finish up the job. Make sure to also keep them inside on cold days until they are completely dry.

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